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Realm’s 1st Open Mic Night! Fri. April 8th, 2016. Doors at 7pm

Realm is proud to announce our 1st ever Open-Mic Night!
Friday April 8th, 2016
Doors open at 7pm, and we will remain open until 2am.
The evening will be hosted by the Taunting Giants
Songwriters, duos, full bands, comedians, come on out!
Look forward to hearing all the talent the area has to offer.


Open Mic Night

Realm’s Open Mic Night

Springtime Again 2016 An Evening with Dave Katz and Ed Mcgee

Realm and Got A Minute Productions Present
Springtime Again 2016
An Evening with Dave Katz and Ed Mcgee

Dave Katz Ed McGee
Headlining this show will be Dave Katz and Ed Mcgee performing a very rare acoustic set

Toledo’s own The Groove Protocol is opening the show

To close the night there will be a very special encore performance with Katz, McGee, and members of The Happy Little Trees for a set you definitely do not want to miss and one you surely won’t forget!

Advance tickets are only $10 and availavle online at or at the door for $12

Moonshine Bandits WSG Raine Wilder and The Brent Lowry Band Live at Realm

Realm Presents
The Moonshine Bandits Live in Concert at Realm
With Special Guests Raine Wilder and Brent Lowry Band
Wednesday March 9th, 2016
Doors at 7pm
Tickests are $15 in advance and are available online at
or at Culture Clash Records or Point Place Powersports LLC.

Sponsored in part by Crisp N Clean Auto Detailing

All ages welcome

Moonshine banner

Moonshine Bandits Doors at 7pm

Light It Up with Blacked Out
Don’t call it hick-hop — not unless you want a squint-eyed glare and a little (playful) attitude from Moonshine Bandits.
Sure, intense rhymes spin through parts of Blacked Out, the latest and greatest album to date from MSB, a.k.a. Bird and Tex, two good ol’ boys from California’s Central Valley. But there’s a lot more than that in their 100-proof grooves. Crunchy guitar, Southern rock swagger — hell, there’s even some vocal harmony in the mix.
You see, long before people figured out that country and rap had a lot in common, Bird and Tex were blending these styles and pouring other influences into the mix. The result was a highly flammable combination, so daring that most of those who heard it couldn’t figure out how to react.
Others got, well, pissed off — at first. “People were like, ‘What the hell is this?’” Bird recalls. “I can remember one show in particular. We were playing in a little bar and getting booed offstage. By the end of our set, though, one of the guys who booing was first in line to get an autograph for his girlfriend.”
Remember, this was more than 10 years ago, long before the country/rap bandwagon started rolling. But even now, with other artists embracing this hell-raising hybrid sound, MSB stands out. Their music is as different as ever from everything else being laid down onstage, in studios and in venues across America.
MSB approached Blacked Out with a mission in mind. “We set out to make a blue-collar record for people who work their asses off and, come Friday and Saturday, just want to let loose and party,” says Tex. “That was the theme of the album from Day One.”
The difference this time around was the duo’s commitment to honor true-red, white and blue Americans by challenging themselves to explore new ways of writing and performing. Unlike all their previous releases, Blacked Out includes a number of co-writes with some of Nashville’s best — and edgiest — hitmakers.
“It was an eye-opening experience for Tex and me,” says Bird. “Some of the guys we wrote with just didn’t get our style. But we did wind up doing some really good, powerhouse songs with others. They’re part of a progression to where we might probably go with our music.”
Ira Dean, formerly of Trick Pony, was one writer who got what MSB are all about. “Ira basically talks in song lyrics,” Bird explains. “He wrote ‘I Earned It’ with us, and when you listen to it, it’s not really rapping. It’s spoken word, which is a different delivery than anything we’ve ever done. And it fits the album perfectly.”
Though energized by their first-ever collaborations with Nashville writers, Bird and Tex knew that bringing it home meant getting away from Music Row. So they found an isolated recording studio and cabin near Salem, Oregon. Holed up with producers Durwood Black and Ty Weathers, they did nothing for weeks but eat, sleep, live and breathe music.
“That gave us the opportunity to not be influenced by anything else,” Bird points out.
“There was so much business stuff going on, aside from music, that we needed to not worry about emails or anything and just lock ourselves up and focus on music for the first time in our career,” Tex adds.
They emerged with the most adventurous MSB album ever. It begins with “American Banned,” a spirited and defiant “thank you” to the clubs, radio stations, media and executives who’d slammed doors in their faces way back when. (“Seacrest signed us, then he switched up/I’m too outlaw for a network pickup”) Greasy slide guitar, a thumping beat and a mixture of lowdown rap and four-part harmony invite listeners to “Come On Down,” to “bring some hell — let’s raise it.” “Deadman’s Hands” revels in life on the “open highway” by a “renegade with a road to pave/rest when I’m dead, sleep in my grave.”
Elsewhere, Bird and Tex recount a booze-drenched family gathering on “Good Times.” (“Every Friday or Saturday, my parents are in the backyard, drinking and barbecuing,” Tex says. “Me and Bird will go over there, start drinking and the later it gets, the more problems we can solve.”) Powered by a slamming, guitar-driven beat, “Lady Luck” is a sing-along summer anthem, amped up with a guest vocal by Crucifix. On “Pass the Ammo,” over a dramatic bed of slide guitar and pulsing bass, MSB takes us into the hearts and minds of the American soldier; few tributes to those who lay down their lives can match this track’s cinematic power.
There’s much more on Blacked Out. All of it is grounded in the real lives of Bird and Tex. Raised on hard agricultural and construction work in their teens, they met as members of their high school basketball team. Their friendship was forged in all-night keg parties deep in the country; their music grew from what they’d experienced together as restless young men who refuse to apologize for their patriotism, who value family and freedom and above all who feel the calling to celebrate those many Americans who share their beliefs.
As for those who still harbor doubts about MSB’s joyful demolition of musical boundaries, Bird says “I’d like to invite them to come out to a live show and see what we’re actually about, to be a part of our Shiner Nation fanbase. I believe it could instantaneously change their lives.”
But first, give Blacked Out a couple of spins. Even if you never make it out the door to that “party on the river down the old dirt road” (“Top Off the Tank”), with your “rebel flag whipping like a lasso” (“Lasso”) and some “half-charred ribs on a rack” (“Out Back”), the music of Moonshine Bandits is enough to take you there.

Adelitas Way Jan 16

Adelitas Way Poster

Thursday, Jan. 16th at Realm

Adelitas Way

With Special Guests

Failure Anthem

Through the Fire

Eye of Attraction


Dubtronica featuring Peanutbutter Williams & Friends – 2nd JAN

Realm presents  Dubtronica featuring Peanutbutter Williams and Friends

Performing Live on 2nd January 2016 at Realm Studio 135 S. Byrne Road Toledo, OH, United States

Dubtronica featuring Peanutbutter Williams and Friends

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About – Dubtronica featuring Peanutbutter Williams and Friends

Dubronica Toledo’s Wildest monthly Dubstep/Electro Dance Party returns!

Featuring Peanutbutter Williams, Jobiwan-Kenobi, and many more TBA. Tickets are $3 in ADV and $5 DOS so get your tickets NOW at…

Band Official Page – Band Page



Realm presents THE PLOT IN YOU featuring

  • Landon Tewers – Vocals – @LandonTours
  • Josh Childress – Guitar – @JoshTPIY
  • Ethan Yoder – Bass – @squeeethan

Performing Live on 12th December 2015, at Realm Studio 135 S. Byrne Road Toledo, OH, United States


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About Band – The PLOT IN YOU

The PLOT IN YOU is an American metalcore band, formed in 2010 in Hancock County, Ohio. Originally a side project of former Before Their Eyes member Landon Tewers, the group is composed of Tewers, guitarist Josh Childress and bassist Ethan Yoder. They have released one EP, three studio albums, and four music videos. Their EP Wife Beater was released in 2010, followed by their full-length debut First Born in 2011, and another full-length studio album Could You Watch Your Children Burn in 2013. On July 17, 2015, The Plot in You announced their signing with Stay Sick Recordings & a new album, “Happiness in Self Destruction”, which was released October 16th 2015.

While as a part of Before Their Eyes where he played guitar, Landon Tewers formed Vessels in 2010 as a side-project. After the successful release of their EP Wife Beater, Tewers saw the potential of Vessels and left Before Their Eyes. The name was changed from Vessels to The Plot in You and the band signed to Rise Records.

By the time they were signed, Tewers had already begun working on material seeking to release a full-length. The full-length debut First Born was what came from the writing process, meeting its release on April 19, 2011 via Rise Records. A music video for “Miscarriage” was recorded.

The band toured extensively through 2011 and 2012 with acts such as A Bullet for Pretty Boy, Whitechapel, Miss May I, Within the Ruins, Iwrestledabearonce, and Oceano Guitarist Anthony Thoma announced in late 2011 that he would be leaving the band to return to school. His last tour was the band’s first outing to Australia to support Buried in Verona. He was replaced by Derrick Sechrist.

Band Official Page – Band Page


Realm presents ROOKIE OF THE YEAR featuring

Performing Live on 5th December 2015 at Realm Studio 135 S. Byrne Road Toledo, OH, United States

Rookie of the year

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About Band – Rookie Of the Year

Rookie of the Year is an indie rock/acoustic band from Fayetteville, North Carolina . They were signed to One Eleven Records, though the fourth release of their latest EP fulfilled their contractual obligation to 111 and allow them to sign with a new label. The band is fronted by lead singer/songwriter Ryan Dunson. The band has seen many recent “live band” line-up changes, with Dunson being the sole remaining member from the start of 2010.

The band was formed in 2005 as a solo project of singer Ryan Dunson(8-13-86). Dunson signed with Vice Verse Virtue Records, a Tennessee record label, in late 2005. Soon after, Dunson signed to One Eleven Records, releasing a 1000-copy EP called Late Night Makeout. In 2005 One Eleven Records released the band’s first record, Having to Let Go, as a 13-track LP. In 2005, OneEleven Records re-released the album as a ten-track LP. After expanding to a five-piece, their second album, The Goodnight Moon, was released in April 2006 Following this release, they toured through North America on the Warped Tour, as well as with groups like Relient K, Mae, Secondhand Serenade,PlayRadioPlay, The Graduate, My American Heart, Monday in London, The Rocket Summer, Dave Melillo, Cute Is What We Aim For, Love Me Electric, Blackpool Lights, Four Letter Lie, As Cities Burn, We Are the Fury, Scenes from a Movie, Mutemath, Copeland, Mest, Quietdrive, Under the Influence of Giants, Upper Class Trash and label mates The Spill Canvas, This Day & Age, and Rory.

Band Official Page – Band Page


We have hosted Concerts of various bands all across the globe like Hootie & the Blowfish, LA GUNS, Wiz Khalifa, Sean Paul, etc. We have also organised Club Party’s by some of the famous DJ’s of Toledo. RENT US once and we are sure we will be your permanent party hosts.

We have a spacious 2 room Venue with stages and patio to host any event big or small. Contact Us for more information on how we can help you book your perfect event